PT ALUN INDAH achieved The Best Truck Dealer and The Best Performance in After Sales 2014

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Friday, March 6th 2014

PT Mercedes Benz Indonesia (MBI) has announced the winner for “The Best Truck Dealer 2012 and also The Best Performance in After Sales Year 2014”. This prestigious award was given to PT ALUN INDAH as an Authorized Mercedes-Benz Dealer. Trophy & Certification Award was presented directly from Mr. Olaf Petersen, Sales & Marketing Director of PT Mercedes-Benz Indonesia to Mr. Jonathan Prasetya - Director of PT ALUN INDAH and Mr. Nino Putra. The Dealer of the Year 2014 gala event was attended by all Mercedes-Benz dealers across Indonesia, from passenger car, bus and truck segment and was held in Tentrem Hotel, Jogjakarta.

This prestigious award was the first achievement of PT ALUN INDAH since 2011 affirming as an authorized dealer of Mercedes-Benz Indonesia. The award evaluation are based on quality assessment Mercedes-Benz Dealer Standards, which applied to all the Mercedes-Benz dealership across Indonesia, Sales & Aftermarket Excellence including the quality of sales and after-sales service, Business Excellence, evaluating from performance and business professionalism, and most importantly Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI). This achievement is a prove that PT ALUN INDAH services and technicians have met the qualifications of Mercedes-Benz.

The Award presentations recognize the great achievement, dedication and passion of PT ALUN INDAH have towards the brand. (RN)

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